• Learning the Interface

    Main menu F-Tools.script submenu will be added into the main menu after installation. It is contains all functions and modules … Read more →

  • the DEMO version

    DEMO I recommend try the demo before buy this product. Firstly you can try on a workflow. Also you can … Read more →

  • Required knowledge

    Animation We will make animations. So you must have the base knowledge about animation. This include knowledge about timeline, frames, … Read more →

  • Version history

    Version (2014-10-06) Cutter2 module added. Optimize SuperSpray during the rendering. FlowMotion module added. Fix the motion blur effect for SuperSpray particles. MatrixSelection module … Read more →

  • FTools.script Overview

    Overview FTools.script is a complex of scripts that can be used by 3D designers to facilitate animation and 3D imaging … Read more →