Learning the Interface

Main menu

F-Tools.script submenu will be added into the main menu after installation. It is contains all functions and modules (utilities).

FTools.script main menu



The toolbar is a panel with icons for each function. Use it for quick run a macro script.

F-Tools.script have a lot of macroscripts. So you can use them for the toolbar or assign hotkeys.

Custom user interface

I recommend to create a new toolbar with all available macroscripts for FTools:

FTools.script toolbar

The blue is modules.
The green is functions.

Making of Toolbars

Step by step:

  1. Open Customize User Interface:
    Customize -> Customize User Interface
  2. Open Tab Toolbars
  3. Press the button New…
  4. Type a name for a new toolbar (ftools.script, for example) and press «Ok» button
  5. Select «www.fountain-tools.com» category
  6. Drag and drop icons

You can attach the toolbar to 3ds max toolbar.


Run Customize -> Customize User Interface open tab Keyboard.

You can setup hotkeys here. It helps you reduce total mouse clicks and saves your time.

Modules (utilities)

FTools.script modules

FTools.script have some modules for work. Each module is a dialog window. Some modules can be moved over the screen. Some modules can stick left or right side of the screen.