Version history

Version (2014-10-06)

  • Cutter2 module added. Optimize SuperSpray during the rendering.
  • FlowMotion module added. Fix the motion blur effect for SuperSpray particles.
  • MatrixSelection module added. Selection tools for «matrix type» fountain.
  • RunningLights module added. Chasing light effect.
  • SelectionSetGenerator module added. To make «named selections» from selected objects.
  • WireConnector module added. To make animation for «3d jet»
  • Options module added. Global options.
  • Function Quick generate ‘one after one’ selection sets added.
  • Function Generate helpers for selection added.
  • Function Set undefined material for selection added.
  • Function Fill MEditor with StandardMaterial() added.
  • Function Delete all ObjectID’s modifiers added.
  • Functions Cut: CE, SE, SS added.
  • Macroscripts icons added.
  • Some bugs fixed.
  • Online manual added (