Wire Connector (animation tool)

This module will help in making of animation of 3d water jets.

How to run

You can run it from main menu:

F-Tools.script -> Utilities -> open Wire Connector

or from toolbar if you set it up:

запуск Wire Connector из панели инструментов

How to set up the toolbar: FTools.script interface.



FTools: Wire Connector


This module was made for help in 3d water jets emulation. 3d water jets can rotate in three directions. And you can easily control it with this module.

You can easily make effects like this:

пример 3д форсунки

пример качающихся форсунок


Lets see how does it work. We will move some 3d water jets in two directions (oX axis) for example. We need some stuff for this work.

At the first one we need a ring of water jets. You can build it with Fountain Builder module.


The second. We need helper object for making of animation of «pendulum» (around oX axis).

анимация маятника

Now we have to link the «pendulum» animations and the ring of water jets. Who will help us? Wire Connector of course :)

Wire Connector does not copy the animation. He make an instance of it. So any changes in helper object will be duplicated to the ring of water jets.

Для этого:

  1. Open Wire Connector module
  2. Press Pick Source and pick the helper object pendulum
  3. Select the ring of water jets
  4. Set Enable in group X (means instance of animation based on oX axis)
  5. Press Connect

As a result:

результат работы Wire Connector



  • Pick Source — pick helper object (with animation for sharing)
  • Dropdown list — you can choose named selection for making the wire connection. Or you can choose target from selection for making the wire connection for selected objects only
  • X, Y, Z — make an instance of animation for oX or oY or oZ axis
  • Enable — allow to make an instance of animation for axis
  • Positive — animation will be instanced in normal mode
  • Negative — animation will be inversed
  • Connect — make wire connection