Matrix Selector (selection tool)

Helps to select rows and diagonals in the Matrix-type fountains

How to run

You can run it from main menu:

F-Tools.script -> Utilities -> open Matrix Selector

or from toolbar if you set it up:

Matrix Selector

You can read how to set up the toolbar: FTools.script interface.


A lot of beautiful fountains in the world. And there are a lot of water patterns. Lets see the water pattern named «matrix» which has rows of water jets. Example below:

matrix fountain

This example has a small count of water jets. But some fountains have a lot of water jets. Look at the picture below:

Big Matrix Fountain

So. The Matrix Selector helps to select rows and diagonals in the Matrix-type fountains.

How to use

Matrix Selector UI

  1. Select all jets in the Matrix-type fountain
  2. Click «Remember Matrix Selection» (it is necessary for further work)
  3. Look at description of «Generate selection» group

Generate selection group

  • Pick Row — to select a row of water jets
  • Pick Diag — to select a diagonal of water jets
  • Increment Selection — add row/diagonal to the current selection
  • X, Y — axis for row/diagonal selection (you can select the row along X axis or Y for example)
  • Invert selection — reverse an order of occurrence of water jets to the row/diagonal

matrix selector example