Running Lights

The module for generating the animation of the illumination of the water jets.

How to run

You can run it from main menu:

F-Tools.script -> Utilities -> open Running Lights

or from toolbar if you set it up:

Running Lights панель инструментов

You can read how to set up the toolbar: FTools.script interface.



Running Lights


Running color

The «Running Lights» effect — it is sequential switching of illumination for selected water jets.


FTools: Object_ID modifier

The FTools: Object_ID modifier controls illumination of water jets which applied to it.

Object_id modifier

Lets see an example. Imagine you have 30 of water jets. And all of them can be the same color at the same time. So you can apply just one modifier for this group of jets. (30 water jets = 1 modifier).

But you have to aplly unique modifier for each one if you wish to illuminate them individually (30 water jets = 30 modifiers). Like in the video above.


Create the Running color

So. We have some group of selected water jets (with unique modifier for each jet). We have to set up a primary color and a secondary color. Also we have to set up the switching speed of the illumination.

Color Runner

  • ID 1 — primari color
  • ID 2 — secondary color
  • Step — count of frames between iterations. Speed of illumination animation in other words. In lower values of step the speed will be higher and Vice versa
  • Width — number of «running» jets at the same time in «Single and Run» animation. You have selection of 50 jets for example. ID1 = 1, ID2 = 2, Step = 1, Width = 10. In this case you will see something like this:
  • Inc IDs — increase ID1 and ID2 values after «Fill and Run» of «Single and Run» pressed
  • Swap IDs — changes values ID1 and ID2 places after «Fill and Run» of «Single and Run» pressed
  • R — animation will be loopen R times. For R=2 you will see:
    Animation looped
    Looped animation
  • Single and Run — apply animation like an example above
  • Fill and Run — apply animation like an example below
    Fill and Run
  • slRepCount — description below
  • RunBitMusic — apply random ID color (ID=1…5) slRepCount times with Step frames between. Combination of Step=1, Step=2, Step=4 for example: