Fountain Builder (FB)

This module is used for parametric generation of water shapes.

How to run

You can run it from main menu:

F-Tools.script -> start Fountain Builder

or from toolbar if you set it up:

start Fountain Builder

You can read how to set up the toolbar: FTools.script interface.

Main purposes

  • Deflectors
  • Gravity
  • Water scene rendering based on parameters
  • Automated reference to Gravity and Deflectors
  • Put to Layer and Named Selection functions

Working principle is simple.

For a start you should create gravity and deflector (they are necessary to simulate jets deflecting from the water surface, thus, creating splashes). You can do by your own or in the FB module.

Then, you need to pick a water shape available in the list, indicate parameters (number of streams, shape size, etc.) and click Build to build an outline.

Gravity & Deflectors Rollout

Use this section to create gravity and deflector. Program will apply the FTools.script. recommended settings.

  • Add New – creates a new Gravity/Deflector (with optimized settings by default)
  • Duplicate – clones a Gravity/Deflector selected in the correspondent group list.
  • Del – deletes a Gravity/Deflector selected in the correspondent group list.
  • Update – updates the group list (required, if Gravity/Deflectors were manually added or deleted in a scene)

Gravity & Deflector

Fountain Builder Rollout

Fountain Builder

Layouts for all water shapes can be viewed on icons. This provides better navigation for the user.

  • Type – a list of water scenes available for parametric rendering
    • Circle – water nozzles in the amount of Cnt are evenly distributed around the circle of given diameter/radius (D/R). If D=0 or R=0 or Cnt=1, then only one spray jet will in the circle center will be created.
    • Matrix – a set of water nozzles viewed as a matrix. Xc/Yc – number of nozzles on Tx/Ty – distance between the extreme nozzles on X-axis and Y-axis respectively. Dx/Dy – distance between the two closest nozzles on X-axis and Y-axis respectively.
      matrix fountain
    • Reduts – Rays («reduts») radiating from the center and located around the circle curve. D1/D2 – inner and outer diameters. D1/D2 – inner and outer radii. R.c. – number of rays («reduts»). S.c. – number of water nozzles per ray («redut»).
    • Cross – crossing lines in the amount of C.c. filled with water nozzles in the amount of S.c. in each of C.c. lines. D/R – total diameter/radius for a structure.
    • Elephants – structure consisting of Ele groups, of which every has a Cnt defined number of nozzles, located around the circle of the specified D/R (diameter and radius).
    • Twist – structure consisting of a Cnt defined number of nozzles, located around the circle of the specified D/R (diameter and radius). Unlike the Circle, this structure is anchored to secondary elements that provide a continuous linear movement of the structure around its axis.
    • Fence/house – structure represented as a sequence of water nozzles with the highest one in the middle, while the heights of others decrease progressively from the center. T – Distance between the two extreme nozzles. W – Distance between the two nearest nozzles. C – Total number of nozzles in a structure.
  • Settings – individual parameters for each water scene type (Type). Parameters are described above.
  • Build it – additional parameters that are common for all scene types.
    • Put to layer – every new water scene will be saved to the list under the given name, if checked.
      put to layer
    • Generate Named Selection – Named Selection will be generated under the name set in Put to layer, if checked.
      named selections
    • Apply ObjectID modifier – applies a modifier of the same name that is needed for lighting animation, if checked.
      apply modifier
    • Gravity – specifies the gravity parameter for your water scene. If there is no required gravity available in the list, then click Update List to refresh parameters.
    • Deflector – binding to a deflector. It works similar to gravity.
    • Update List – updates gravity/deflector list.
    • Pick Center –  allows you to define any scene object as a center for building a water scene. By default, the grid center is selected, if you leave it blank. You may deselect scene objects by the right click on Pick Center.
    • Build – runs a parametric building algorithm.

Rollout Floater Group

rollout floater

It allows the user to control the FB module window on the screen.

  • Left – attaches the module to the left edge
  • Right – attaches the module to the right edge
  • Float – leaves the module unattached (you can freely move the module around)
  • Close – closes the module window.