Flow Motion (motion blur for SuperSprays)

Useful to improve the motion blur effect of SuperSprays.

How to run

You can run it from main menu:

F-Tools.script -> Utilities -> open Flow motion

or from toolbar if you set it up:

flow motion

You can read how to set up the toolbar: FTools.script interface.


I use motion blur effect for SuperSprays. The image becomes more realistic. You have no problems with motion blur of SuperSpray if camera is static. But you will be dissapointed if your camera is moving…

Look at image below. You can see incorrect motion blur for SuperSprays on the left. And improved motion blur effect on the right (used Flow Motion module).

Flow Motion example


Flow Motion UI

  • Choose your camera in the dropdown list
  • Path — folder name for saving sequence of images (just click at the «…» button)
  • Name — file name pattern for sequence of imaes
  • Start — render from Start frame
  • End — render to End frame
  • progress bar
  • Flow Motion — render

Press ESC to cancel.


Flow Motion takes a lot of CPU time. So turn off shadows and reflections if possible.

Also you can use Cutter2 module to increase the render speed.