Cut: CE, SE, SS

Use it for save computer resources. Use hot keys for fast execution.

How to run

You can run it from main menu:

F-Tools.script -> Functions -> Cut: CE

F-Tools.script -> Functions -> Cut: SE

F-Tools.script -> Functions -> Cut: SS

or from toolbar if you set it up:

super cutter

You can read how to set up the toolbar: FTools.script interface.


You can feel lack of pc resources if you use a lot of SuperSprays. You can see lags if you move your timeline back for example.

Good news is opportunity reduce this lags. Use list of functions below for the SuperSpray optimization.

Cut: CE

Set up visible property of SuperSpray from Curent frame to End frame. In fact this turn off all calculations in SuperSpray before current frame. It will save you pc resources. This function will apply for all SuperSprays in your scene.

Cut: SE

Set up visible property of SuperSpray from Start frame to End frame. Another words this function turn off optimization for all SuperSpray in scene.

Cut: SS

Set up visible property of SuperSpray from Start frame to Start frame. Another words this function turn off all calculations for all SuperSprays in scene.


  1. Go to some frame in timeline
    2014-10-07 20-01-32
  2. Run function Cut: CE
    2014-10-07 20-02-12
  3. No one SuperSpray will be visible before the frame.
    2014-10-07 20-02-43
  4. But all SuperSprays will be visible after the frame.
    2014-10-07 20-03-32


This functions applies to all SuperSpray in the scene.